Christine Neema Mchelle, Director

Christine is currently the Director of MWAPACE and has been involved in the organization for 14 years. Prior to volunteering her time with the group, Christine taught at a local college for 20 years. As Director, Christine’s responsibilities include coordination with other paralegal groups, overseeing MWAPACE’s programming, and documenting the group’s activities. Christine was motivated to dedicate herself


Barnaba Si Matunge, Program and Development Director

After completing his Diploma in Business Administration from Commercial Business Education College, Barnaba began assisting MWAPACE on a full time basis. After three years of volunteering, Barnaba is now responsible for programming and managing projects. He specializes in training and education projects seeking to teach rural villagers about their legal rights and obligations, social welfare, family care, HIV awareness, local government accountability and democratic processes. Within the organization, Barnaba uses his background in Business Administration to oversee MWAPACE’s funding and expenses. Barnaba’s dedication and passionate work ethic is driven from his own upbringing where he lived for many years with his widowed mother in their home village

Hans Evans, Legal Officer

Hans is MWAPACE’s Legal Officer and attends 1-on-1 sessions with MWAPACE clients, provides legal representation, and regularly travels to villages in the Mwanza region to conduct legal training seminars. Hans first became involved in MWAPACE while completing his Bachelor of Law at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania where his research focused on the legal rights of women in Tanzania. Hans was inspired to join MWAPACE through the influence of his mother, a nurse in the Morogoro region. Having been always exposed to people in need while assisting at the local clinic, Hans was determined to continue to improve the lives of others in his professional career.

Zainabu Ally, Legal Attendant

Zainabu is MWAPACE’s Legal Attendant who provides assistance with a wide range of day to day operational activities. Zainabu plays an important role as a respected community elder and his help is often requested during mediation with husbands in marital disputes. The highly respected opinion of elders helps calm tense situations and improves communication with impacted parties.

Ester Bulugu, Assistant Accountant 

Ester helps admit clients to MWAPACE, keeps records, and books appointments with the Legal Officer. Ester herself is a member of a minority tribal group and is familiar with their local customs and traditions. This knowledge is important in mediating with local village elders who are not accustomed to the national Tanzanian legal process.